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  • Description: “Live, Laugh, Love.” I recycle this advice through all of my friends. Take Teddy for example. His dog keeps peeing on his sofa. Teddy can’t get him to stop. My advice? Let him live! Then there’s Martha. Martha can’t get her neighbor to stop calling her Marsha! She corrects him everyday, and everyday he ignores her. My advice? Laugh it off! And of course, Billy. A guy at work won’t stop annoying him. Billy ignores him, but he wont let up. My advice? Show him some love! They still won’t listen. So, we made this inspirational Ladies T Shirt for them. Fantasy baseball is quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes next to the actual sport of baseball! Fantasy baseball or any fantasy sport is nothing new, it's been around for many years but, in the last few years technology has made it easier than ever to compete and keep track! This baseball Ladies T Shirt is perfect for you and your fantasy league! SKU: 15L184_C2-5000L-WHT-X Key Features:
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